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1.9.1 – Identify basic vSAN requirements(networking, disk count + type)

It requires:

  • Minimum of three hosts to be part of the vSphere cluster and configured for vSAN
  • A vSAN network
  • One SAS or SATA host bus adapter or a RAID controller that is in passthrough mode or RAID 0 mode
  • Local disks on each host that are pooled to create a virtual shared vSAN datastore.
  • 10GB NIC
  • SAS/SATA/NVMe controllers
  • 8 – 32 GB of RAM depending on the amount of drives and disk groups

A host disk group requires at least:

  • One flash device for caching
  • One to seven capacity devices for storage

You’ll have to disable vSphere HA before enabling vSAN on a cluster because on a vSAN enabled cluster, the storage network is used by vSphere HA