2.4 – Identify DR use cases

Table of Contents

There could be several kinds of failures you have to face with.

  • Regional
  • Datacenter
  • Individual Racks
  • Individual hosts
  • OS / Apps
  • Network

A disaster recovery is an org’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infra after events like a natural disaster, cyber-attack or a business disruption.

  • vSphere Replication
    • Hypervisor based asynchronous replication
    • Enables DR and data protection for VM’s
    • Customize recovery point objective from 5 minutes to 24 hours
    • Provides multiple point in time recovery points
    • Protects up to 2000 VMs per vCenter
    • Copies VM’s from a primary site to a secondary site
  • Site Recovery Manager
    • Minimizes downtime in case of disasters by leveraging automation and orchestration
    • Provides nondisruptive testing of disaster recovery plans
    • Provides policy-based management to protect virtual machines
    • Compatible with any storage
    • Can be used on-prem or as a service
  • Proactive HA
    • Receives messages from a provider plugin (DELL, HP, …) and migrate VMs to a different host because of a possible failure.
    • Manual option will provide recommendations, Automated will migrate VM’s to other hosts
    • The failed host can be placed into maintenance mode after the VM’s are migrated
      • Maintenance mode: ensures VMs do not run on partially failed hosts

Quarantined mode: balances performance and availability by avoiding the use of partially degraded hosts as long as VM performance is unaffected.

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