2.5 – Describe vSphere integration with VMware Skyline

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VMWare skyline is a proactive support technology that provides predictive analysis and proactive recommendations to help you avoid problems. You have to enable the Customer Experience Improvement Program CEIP and have an internet connectivity.

  • Issue avoidance
    • Proactively identifies potential issues based on environment-specific configuration, details and usage
    • Resolves issues before they occur, improving environment reliability and stability
  • Shortens time to resolution:
    • Environment-specific, data-driven analytics accelerate problem resolution
  • Personalized recommendations:
    • Resolution is specific to your environment
  • No additional costs:
    • You receive additional value with your current support subscription (Basic, Production or Premier support)

It shortens the time it takes to resolve a problem so that you can get back to business quickly.

Skyline Health

Is available to all VMware customers

  • VSphere and vSAN findings
  • Available in the vSphere client
  • Supports vSphere 6.7 U1 and later

Skyline Advisor

Is available for production and premier support customers

  • Supports vSphere, vSAN, NSX for vSphere, vRealize Operations Manager and VMware Horizon
  • Supports vSphere 5.5 and later
  • Tags VMware Validated Design, VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation deployments
  • Automates log transfers with Log Assist
  • Uses cloud-based ID and access

Premier support customers also have Advanced findings and reporting, and tailored remediation plans.

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